Lesson 1 – Breathe!

I am now heading into week 7 of my teaching career and I find it hard to believe that we have travelled this far. The days and weeks are evaporating while the to do lists grow steadily. I think that I have been balancing it all quite well yet there is a nagging thought that pops up occasionally. What about me?

It could be that this is the longest term that has resulted in my time being gulped away.Blue Snorkel and mask set It could be that I am learning every day. It could be that that’s the way it is. However, I know that this needs to change as I realise that I am denying myself some of the things that make me me. Half term break soon but 8 weeks without breathing is dangerous. Make time to breathe and engage with your situation on your terms (occasionally).


About Julian

An Anglia Ruskin graduate with a genuine interest in action research in life and in education. A keen cook and an industrious parent who is determined to build his own outdoor bread / pizza oven.
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3 Responses to Lesson 1 – Breathe!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s great glad ur enjoying it lol

  2. Julian says:

    Thank you for dropping by. I am really enjoying it and would heartily recommend it to anyone who is up for the challenge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not that brave to take a challenge like that

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