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Sir Ken: How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

I am posting this because I was reminded of the clarity of Sir Ken’s message last night when I sat up and watched a live stream from the Blue School in America – an innovative and creative team of educators … Continue reading

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CPD – Outstanding Teaching

I was fortunate enough to have been present at a teacher training day that centred on excellent teaching. The key message / gem that I acquired from the day was pertaining to lesson planning. Too often, apparently, lessons are planned in … Continue reading

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Reflective dialogue

This is such a hot topic for me at the moment. There is a huge expectation amongst our workforce that the regular engagement in reflection between practitioners is mandatory. The espoused theories of action however do not match with actions … Continue reading

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Reflection in the work setting 2

A few weeks have passed since my initial reflections which were driven by a critical incident. Something that I had noticed and felt at the time. A level of discomfort if you like; a sense that I was not being … Continue reading

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Learning without frontiers

I have been meaning to share this. It is a recent talk by Sir Ken Robinson that was attended by two colleagues of mine. Eloquent and addictively watchable (in my opinion). Listen for his reference to Michael Gove. These are … Continue reading

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Many of the cohort are experiencing the same feeling of being swamped by the workload. Identifying a sound research topic early on is one thing that needs to be done. Wading through treacle is combatable through using a periscope to … Continue reading

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Reflective Pratitioner

Having had a look at the attributes of a qualified teacher it is pleasing to note that on top of the multitude of expected qualities and skills, an overarching requrement would seem to be to be able to reflect on … Continue reading

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