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Child led learning

This makes so much sense it’s crazy. Thanks Stephen Heppell Advertisements

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Lesson 1 – Breathe!

I am now heading into week 7 of my teaching career and I find it hard to believe that we have travelled this far. The days and weeks are evaporating while the to do lists grow steadily. I think that … Continue reading

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Chapter 3

Well I have managed to secure a position for September in a really lovely local school. The process was not without anxiety however, as you would expect, the memory of the discomfort passed immediately upon the announcement of my success. … Continue reading

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ICT in the classroom

Today was a good day. It was session where I realised how much technology I use already in my practice and how I can expand this further. Comic life. iMovie, Garageband, QR codes and blogging are a few of my … Continue reading

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CPD – Outstanding Teaching

I was fortunate enough to have been present at a teacher training day that centred on excellent teaching. The key message / gem that I acquired from the day was pertaining to lesson planning. Too often, apparently, lessons are planned in … Continue reading

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Scaling the heights

Before I graduate (qualify) I want to have a firm grasp of teaching standards and have honed my style and delivery so that it appears effortless. Scaling the heights should be fun too…

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Week one

I have just started in my new school on my continued journey towards QTS. I am pleased to report that the team is friendly and helpful. Despite the new location, personnel and remit I have found it difficult not to … Continue reading

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