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Technology is magic

Found this through TED on twitter and think that this guy is truly creative. Which came first I wonder, the illusion or the technology? Advertisements

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Getting energised

I was reminded of this the other day and thought I would post here for anyone who feels the need to re-energise their education purpose. I hope you benefit from this as well.

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Awe inspiring ability and creativity

Derek Paravinci (Musical savant) is a born entertainer. He is also blind, autistic and a musical prodigy (Robinson, 2011, pp.127-129). This video explains his condition but more importantly shows him at his best. His talent is more than that to … Continue reading

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learning cycle

Just thought I would get this down while I remember. I was intrigued to hear the phrase “Kolb cycle” being used last week when an instructor, aged 19, was discussing problem solving methods with my group of 11 year olds … Continue reading

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going analogue

I have found it very frustrating at times this week because I have lost my stuff. By stuff I mean my digital environment that I have become accustomed to and comforted by – my computer and its content. Stuff and … Continue reading

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Learning without frontiers

I have been meaning to share this. It is a recent talk by Sir Ken Robinson that was attended by two colleagues of mine. Eloquent and addictively watchable (in my opinion). Listen for his reference to Michael Gove. These are … Continue reading

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Information Sharing

I stumbled across this online video through one of the people that I follow on Twitter. TED talks. This link will take you to an interview between Charlie Rose and Chris Anderson, the curator of TED talks. It is dripping … Continue reading

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