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Just had my 1st formal, external officer, observation. The context was one of school improvement where all teaching staff were being observed to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching of reading across the school. Guided reading, English and phonics were … Continue reading

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Child led learning

This makes so much sense it’s crazy. Thanks Stephen Heppell

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2nd becomes 1st

Having an absolute blast in my second placement. Didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy teaching this age group. the workload is similar however the shift is much more towards resource preparation. One aspect that I like a lot in … Continue reading

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learning cycle

Just thought I would get this down while I remember. I was intrigued to hear the phrase “Kolb cycle” being used last week when an instructor, aged 19, was discussing problem solving methods with my group of 11 year olds … Continue reading

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Learning without frontiers

I have been meaning to share this. It is a recent talk by Sir Ken Robinson that was attended by two colleagues of mine. Eloquent and addictively watchable (in my opinion). Listen for his reference to Michael Gove. These are … Continue reading

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Re: Lessons Learned

I would have to agree with you Shirley (and Ian). At first I thought that the poetry that I used in my past reflections were just that; reflections. I think because there were emotions attached, deeply felt emotions, that the … Continue reading

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It’s good to chalk

Having spent the majority of the week battling with my choice of research topic flipping from window to window trying to make sense of it all I discovered something. Garr Reynolds refers to it as going analogue. It felt good … Continue reading

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