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A Corner Turned

One of the anxieties coursing through the GTP cohort since September has been the Numeracy and Literacy skills tests that all training teachers must pass. The tension is evident not because of the pass requirement but as a result of … Continue reading

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2nd School Placement

Week one of  a brief foray into an alternate Key Stage (student age group). Further adjustment to practice is required although I am beginning to feel more comfortable in my own skin. My curiosity still remains and I am revelling … Continue reading

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That Friday Feeling

I am fast discovering that teaching and the enjoyment of teaching is an emotional roller coaster. I have been all around the circuit this month starting with the slow ominous ascent into the planning clouds of uncertainty followed by the … Continue reading

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Scaling the heights

Before I graduate (qualify) I want to have a firm grasp of teaching standards and have honed my style and delivery so that it appears effortless. Scaling the heights should be fun too…

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Week one

I have just started in my new school on my continued journey towards QTS. I am pleased to report that the team is friendly and helpful. Despite the new location, personnel and remit I have found it difficult not to … Continue reading

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Reflection in the work setting 2

A few weeks have passed since my initial reflections which were driven by a critical incident. Something that I had noticed and felt at the time. A level of discomfort if you like; a sense that I was not being … Continue reading

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going analogue

I have found it very frustrating at times this week because I have lost my stuff. By stuff I mean my digital environment that I have become accustomed to and comforted by – my computer and its content. Stuff and … Continue reading

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